Land use changing plan of Armenian cemetery
        Reordering plan of Azadi square
        Reordering plan of Bank e Melli central adminstrations complex
        Reordering and urban designing of facades and areas of Imam Khomini square(Tehran)
        Non-levelled intersection plan for footpath and roadway in Enghelab square(Tehran)
        Cultural axis and cultural center plan of Golshan in Tehran
        Reordering plan of Hassan Abad square(Tehran)
        Urban designing in Iran national museum complex
        Reordering plan of green spaces of Shahid Rajai boulevard(Tehran)
        Reordering plan of Sadeghieh square(Tehran)
        Facilitating movement in Moddares - Hafiz - Shush axis(Tehran)
        Programming and designing revitalization of Shushtar Cascades
        Reordering touristic axis between Ghoran gate to Takhte Jamshid gate of Shiraz
        Land use planning of cultural - historical area of Toos

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